The Spirit of the Museum

Memories of a Father

The Lin Liu-Hsin Puppet Theatre Museum commemorates the famous Taiwanese physician Liu Liu-Hsin who had a profound impact on the development of obstetrics and gynecology, medical organizations and public health, as well as hospital management in Taiwan. The Museum also commemorates Lin Liu-Hsin as a strict yet kind father and family man for whom a humane attitude was always a guiding principle.

Professor Lin Liu-Hsin showed an exceptional foresight and perseverance in his youth. Despite of his family's objections, Lin Liu-Hsin left for Japan at the age of 12 to continue his studies. After his arrival in Japan he sold newspapers and the soybean natto to finance his studies. He was ultimately admitted to the University of Tokyo College of Medicine after completing junior high and high school. He studied at the Taihoku Imperial University College of Medicine upon returning to Taiwan, and he received doctorate degrees in both medicine and science. He later practiced obstetrics and gynecology, worked in hospital management and taught medicine.

A leader in the world of Taiwanese medicine, Professor Lin was an idealistic and benevolent man, whose far-reaching influence is still felt today. He is an inspiration for generations to come.

A Caring Mother

Mr. Lin Liu-Hsin was Mrs. Lin Shi Chin-hua's greatest love. Mrs. Lin donated the land and buildings for the Lin Liu-Hsin Puppet Theatre Museum in order to commemorate her husband's quest for knowledge, his courage, and his independent spirit, and to support her eldest son Mr. Lin Ching-fu's cultural ideals and commitment. A mother's love has given Taipei's Dadaocheng area a new cultural landmark

An Idealistic Son

This Museum was founded by Dr. Paul C. F. Lin, the eldest son of Lin Liu-Hsin. Dr. Lin is also a prominent Taipei specialist in obstetrics and gynecology. He is also a prominent artist and cultural figure, and took the lead in renovating the National Assembly. Dr. Lin has established the Taiyuan Foundation and the Taiyuan Publishing Company. These organizations have sponsored local cultural activities, surveys, and community development work, promoted aboriginal culture as a world cultural asset, and planned national celebrations. Dr. Lin is indeed a legendary figure in the cultural world.

A Christian and physician, Dr. Lin spent eight years as a missionary among the Akha people of northern Thailand. He helped found Mackay College of Medicine. Apart from the planning of the Museum, he has recently been engaged in artistic creation, and wants to become a full-time painter.

His collection of over 5,000 puppets is an important global cultural treasure. The museum is pleased to be able to promote and pass on Taiwan's puppet art and hope it will become a centre of puppet art for the Asia-Pacific region.

The Lin family has played a major role in Taiwan's culture, medicine, science, religion, and business over the last century. Mr. Lin Liu-Hsin has passed on the family's spirit and the family is continuing to contribute its talents and exert its influence throughout Taiwan. The creation and development of the Lin Liu-Hsin Puppet Theatre Museum also commemorates the Lin family's traditions and contribution to Taiwan's society and cultural life.

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